Corporate Planner Basic-Training & Certification for CP-Partners


Partner Onboarding in Corporate Planner OC, Finance, Sales and CP-Dashboard.

  • What to expect?

    1. Corporate Planner OC: model structures, import and analyse data, create reports and prepare the business plan. 2. Corporate Planner Finance: create an integrated P&L, balance sheet and cash flow plan as well as an informative reporting system. 3. Corporate Planner Sales & CP-Dashboard: multidimensional analyses and visualisations. The session will be ended by a certification.

  • Participation Requirements

    It is very important that you watch and understand the following Partner Portal videos before you participate in the training. For Module Corprate Planner OC: -Introduction and Wrap Up Corporate Planner OC Part 1 *Introduction and Wrap Up Corporate Planner OC Part 2 *Master / Client concept *Building the Master structure (manually) For Corporate Planner Finance: *Difference between CP-OC and CP-Finance *Introduction CP-Finance *Chart of accounts and classification structure

  • Short Time Line

    Monday, 09.30 am-6.00 pm; Tuesday till Thursday, 08.30 am-6.00 pm; Friday, 08.30 am- 2.30 pm. You'll receive the login and additional information short before the training.


  • You'll find the detailed agenda in your training confirmation.

    Corporate Planner OC:

    • Building structures manually and with import definitions
    • The master-client method
    • Individual and global parameters
    • Automations for building and updating structures
    • Importing Data and adjusting excel files for an import
  • Corporate Planner Finance:

    • Importing actual data from the financial accounts
    • Calculating the P&L, balance sheet and cash flow
    • Structural units (cost centres and cost units)
    • Planning on company and structural unit level
    • Planning with parameters
    • Expense and income planning
    • Fixed asset and credit planning
    • Transferring the planning data from operational budgets
    • Provisions and deferred items
    • Creating KPIs
    • Analyses in Corporate Planner Finance
  • Reporting:

    • Designing the report layout
    • Master Client Reports
    • Column reports and segment reports
    • Calculations within reports
    • Reports with multiple column sets
    • Reporting in CP-Finance
    • Overview CP-Sales:
    • Importing values and structure
    • Upper and lower tree
    • Creating measures
    • Table report for analysis and planning
  • Overview CP-Dashboard:

    • Getting to know CP-Dashboard