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Networking Day

9:45 am Rheinsaal
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Those who wish to predict the future must shape it

Humans and organisations have always been subject to constant change. Technological progress, however, means that our world is changing more rapidly today than ever before. New, mainly digital, business models, products and services are emerging at high speed. Some of them disappear again just as quickly, while others become established or adapt. Anyone who believes he can eliminate the emerging uncertainties with artificial intelligence and advanced analytics is mistaken, as are those wishing to standardise all processes and manage them strictly according to hard and fast rules. Only businesses that learn to cope with the increasing complexity appear to be viable in the long term. Find out what this means for your KPIs, your organisation and collaboration, and your planning and risk management. Set off on a journey towards a dynamic yet robust organisation.


  • Jens Ropers

    Jens Ropers

    Partner & Trainer der CA Akademie AG

    CA Akademie AG