Detox your IT

Better Performance thanks to Leaner Structures

After the countless meet-ups for mulled wine, the Christmas parties and the continual snacking on mince pies over the last few weeks, many people have what is known as a detox lined up for January. Detox means shedding ballast, getting one’s metabolism going and starting afresh full of new energy.

Clean and efficient

The detox, incidentally, is not only the magic formula in health matters. Software systems, too, benefit from a purification process. The structure check – a critical analysis of the architectures that have evolved over the years to get rid of superfluous structures and data – is to the IT solution what juice-fasting is to the clean eater. The effect is a healthy boost to the software’s performance and potential.

Keep it simple

The improved clarity alone lets users work more quickly afterwards. Keep it simple, the saying goes. Although designers and power users are well aware of this, many shy away from streamlining their own structures. This is because what is supposedly simple is unfortunately often rather complex. “We know of long-standing customers who fear that entire reports might explode in their faces if they clean up the structures themselves – that’s how complex these have become over the years,” Patrick Jacobs, a consultant in the Training & Consulting department at Corporate Planning, reports. The Training & Consulting staff supervise numerous implementation projects every year and are on hand to help the customers throughout the product lifecycle. “That’s why we offer specially designed structure checks in which we monitor the performance of the solution, the accuracy of the figures and the plausibility of the settings,” Mr Jacobs explains. He and his colleagues are also routinely called in whenever the previous power user has departed and the successor finds himself confronted with an extremely complex structure.

Lose the data ballast

“We check to see what makes sense and where things might be improved, and we get rid of unnecessary data ballast,” Mr Jacobs says. “This leads not only to better performance but also, and above all, to greater acceptance among the users: the simpler the structures of the software, the more intuitive it is to use.”

On that note: let’s detox – for a great start to the new year!

Just a quickie
For that detox quickie on the side: so, you’re a Corporate Planner user? Not only are the Corporate Planning consultants always ready with their free CP Structure Check, but they’re rather adept at it as well. In a telephone call lasting around an hour, they will connect to your system in real time, and you will receive the findings of the Quick Check with recommendations for action immediately afterwards. You can arrange an appointment HERE. If only everything were as easy as that…