Plan it! Qlik it! Kick it!

Multidimensional planning and analysis of business data.

  • Multidimensional planning and analysis

    See for yourself the planning software from Corporate Planning interacting with Qlik Sense, the solution for multidimensional analysis. Here you can watch this combination performing live as a company-wide solution for multidimensional planning, analysis and reporting.

  • The planning software from Corporate Planning

    Plan it! With Corporate Planner Sales, you plan your business from any perspective. We will show you how you can plan your sales flexibly in terms of staff, regions, countries, products or product groups. All operational plans then make their way into Corporate Planner Finance for integrated financial planning. The Corporate Planning software is based on the principle of the single point of truth. Each piece of information occurs only once, at just one storage location. You can thus keep track of where your figures came from and make sure that you and your colleagues are speaking the same language throughout your company.

  • Qlik Sense: Discover the story behind your data

    Qlik it! Your planning data are ready for multidimensional analysis in Qlik Sense straight away. Qlik Sense is an innovative application with which you can let your creativity run free. You are not confined to predefined pathways and partial views of your data. Simply combine all your data sources – regardless of size – in one view.