Corporate Performance Management on the Coolest 4.2 km in the World

  • Expertise at the Bilster Berg Racetrack

    W&K Controlling and Corporate Planning invite you to optimise your planning processes and make quicker, better decisions. At the 4.2 km racetrack in the heart of East Westphalia, an extensive programme awaits you with presentations, talks and success stories from well-known companies. An exceptional driving experience as well as plenty of opportunities for networking will add the finishing touch to the programme.

  • Premium-Partner Walther & Kollegen GmbH

    Walther & Kollegen GmH is a Corporate Planning Premium Partner and a specialist in all CP software products. In addition to selling the software, the experts at W&K Controlling provide their customers with a comprehensive consulting service during the implementation period, made-to-measure corporate performance management strategies, and training courses for the various modules. The W&K Controlling consultants are permanently on hand to assist and advise their customers as required.

  • Talks on Digital Transformation

    No topic is occupying the minds of business leaders as much as digital transformation. There's a vast array of potential to be tapped into and mounting challenges to overcome. Join us to consider the bigger picture, look over the horizon and discover how easy modern corporate performance management can be. Look forward to exciting new ideas from the field and discussions with fellow specialists from diverse sectors of industry. Optimise the performance of your planning processes, exploit the potential of your data to the full, and take this opportunity to make a success of the future. Our experts will show you how.


  • 9.00 am


    • 9.15 am

      Welcome, Introductions and Outlook

      • Wolfgang Walther, W&K Controlling
    • 9.30 am

      An Enthusiasm for Cars and Corporate Performance Management

      • How the Bilster Berg Drive Resort ensures an exceptional experience on and off the track.
      • Hans-Jürgen v. Glasenapp, Bilster Berg
    • 10.30 am

      Exchanging Data and Documents Securely

      • On SmartTransfer, the electronic invoicing market and statutory requirements
      • Ingo Dietrich, Datev
    • 11.15 am

      More Corporate Performance Management for the Digital Future (parallel presentation – for customers)

      • Discover all the important new features of Corporate Planner 6.0.
      • Sven Baade, Corporate Planning
    • 11.15 am

      Corporate Performance Management Software for the SME Sector (parallel presentation – for prospects)

      • Farewell to Excel: How to sail through your entire planning process.
      • Guido Paschvoss, Corporate Planning
    • 12.00 pm

      Always Excellently Informed with the Process Pilot (parallel presentation)

      • How the Dr. Ebel Fachkliniken medical centres have made their data flows automatic.
      • Michael Sprenger, W&K Controlling
    • 12.00 pm

      Cost Centre and HR Management (parallel presentation)

      • Combine and optimise planning, analysis and reporting at an operational level.
      • Silke Gebhard, Corporate Planning
    • 12.45 pm

      Pit Stop

      • Join us for a hearty lunch
    • 1.15 pm

      Professional Corporate Performance Management Made Easy

      • 3 countries, 7 plants, more than 4,000 employees: modern corporate performance management at Benteler Steel/Tube
      • Michael Ahlers, Benteler
    • 2.00 pm

      Fasten your Seatbelts for an Exceptional Driving Experience

      • See for yourself one of Europe's most unusual racetracks.