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Success Factors of Software-Assisted Consolidation

Respond flexibly as intercompany relationships become increasingly complex, and produce auditable consolidated financial statements effortlessly.

  • Keep track of your consolidated entity.

    Do you want to keep track of your companies, produce auditable consolidated financial statements and be guided safely through the entire consolidation process? If so, we would like to invite you to get to know us and our Corporate Planner Cons software solution.

  • Easy, auditable consolidation.

    To produce a set of consolidated financial statements quickly and smoothly, the data on which the consolidation is based must be of the highest quality. We will show you how, with the right underlying data and our user-friendly software, you can respond flexibly and confidently as intercompany relationships become increasingly complex.

  • One software program for all occasions.

    Particularly in times of economic uncertainty, group managers seek ways in which they can optimise their corporate structure and cut costs. Corporate Planner Cons helps you to implement complex procedures, such as internal restructuring or discontinued consolidation, effortlessly. Thanks to various wizards and the integration of numerous business logic functions, even users with little experience in consolidation can compile a set of documents quickly that meet audit requirements. Our corporate performance management, financial planning and consolidation experts are looking forward to hearing from you.