Live Webinar: Corporate Planner for HR Management

  • Live Webinar: HR Management

    HR planning is a factor that is becoming increasingly critical for businesses to remain competitive. In our live webinar on HR management, learn about the IT-based tools and methods with which you can organise your HR planning efficiently and with your focus on the future.


  • This live webinar will cover the following topics:

    HR KPIs

    • Planning several alternative HR scenarios
    • Informative reports on the structure of the workforce
    • Employee-based planning
    • Overview of the core workforce and payroll costs
    • Planning each employee and cost centre using parameters for each wage type
    • Automatic calculation of social security contributions with due consideration of contribution assessment ceilings
    • Organisational chart according to the actual workforce
    • Inclusion of permanent posts
    • Predefined standard reports for each cost centre and cost centre group
    • Standardised key ratio system for managing the workforce
    • Collective wage agreements