Digital Corporate Performance Management (Austria)

Planning, Analysis, Reporting. Flexible, precise and quick.

  • Plan more effectively. Analyse more precisely. Report more quickly.

    Focus on the essentials and assemble your fragmented data into valuable information. With our solution you merge your various operational plans, such as those regarding your loans, investments, cost centres, sales and HR. You automatically receive the P&L, balance sheet and cash flow statement with the actual values and plan figures – your basis for targeted decision-making.

  • No scope for misinterpretation

    The Corporate Planning software automatically integrates all the relevant data from many pre-systems. It is based on the principle of the Single Point of Truth whereby each piece of information occurs only once at a single storage location. This means that you can always trace your numbers back to their origin. It also ensures that you and your colleagues are speaking the same language throughout your company.


  • 8.30 am

    Check-in and coffee

    • Welcome and introduction to Digital Corporate Performance Management
  • 9.00 am

    Cost Centre and HR Management

    • optimised planning and budgeting
    • reporting and analyses based on cost centre and personnel plans
    • driver-based planning
  • 9.45 am

    Sales Management: Planning and Analysis

    • multidimensional sales planning and evaluation
    • integration to pre-systems
    • from the diagram to the map: modern data visualisation
  • 10.45 am

    Refreshments and Networking

    • an opportunity for participants to share experiences and ideas
  • 11.15 am

    Integrated Financial Planning

    • merging operational budgets into an integrated financial plan
    • calculating the actual and budgeted P&L, balance sheet and cash flows
    • predefined business logic
  • 11.45 am

    Preparing the Auditable Consolidated Financial Statement

    • a walkthrough for producing reports that are ready for audit
    • budgeted and actual values from the financial plan go straight into the consolidated financial statement
    • followed by questions and answers


  • Attendance

    free of charge