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Financial Management: Real-time forecasting and scenario planning

Financial planning for volatile markets: Learn how you can quickly obtain clarity about your financial position and plan with scenarios.

  • Make the right decisions quickly.

    Has the corona crisis overturned your 2020 budget too? Are your circumstances changing from one week to the next? In order to survive in this environment, you will need precise knowledge of your current financial position as well as clarity regarding the implications of market forecasts. Without these, you will be unable to make the right decisions quickly.

  • Expert webinar: Tools for rapid real-time forecasts and scenarios.

    In this webinar, our experts will explain how you can make quick adjustments to your plans and gain financial certainty with Corporate Planner. A live demonstration will show you how the relevant business data from different sources are combined. In a web portal you can access the latest figures for planning and reporting in real time. You will discover the intuitive user interface design and learn how to use planning tools for creating real-time forecasts and comparable scenarios quickly and easily.