Manage risks when the market becomes unstable

Real-Time Forecasting for the Real Estate Sector

Identify risks, assess their financial consequences in different scenarios, and plan measures so that you're ready to respond as well as possible and act with due consideration in every situation.

  • The property development and letting business in times of extreme market upheaval.

    Experience has shown that there is a certain stability in the sale and letting of property – particularly in structurally sound regions. As a rule, sales only fluctuate over a relatively long period. However, in exceptions such as the current corona crisis, market distortions can occur extremely rapidly. These distortions take place more frequently and on a larger scale and they are also less predictable. They constitute a threat, but they bring opportunities too. By analysing external and internal risks in good time, housing providers can develop suitable packages of measures in advance.

  • Planning in a volatile market environment.

    In a market characterized so much by disruption, businesses no longer follow the usual planning process based on the budget and the forecast. Instead, they vary between different scenarios, each of which is constantly evolving. Particularly in the property development business, liquidity may be significantly affected. However, there's no time for detailed planning. With a flexible planning system, driver-based scenarios can be modelled very quickly. This can prevent or mitigate any adverse effects.