Decision-Making in the Digital Age

Improve your digital fitness and use your potential

  • Groundbreaking discoveries and new food for thought

    No topic is occupying the minds of business leaders as much as digital transformation. There's a vast array of potential to be tapped into and numerous challenges to overcome. Join us for a journey through decision-making in the digital age. See for yourself how data can be used to make targeted decisions. Look forward to exciting new ideas for your corporate performance management, financial planning and consolidation. Optimise the performance of your planning and budgeting, exploit the potential of your data to the full, and gain new insights into making the digital transformation successfully. Our experts will show you how.

  • Improve your digital fitness and use your potential

    TD Trusted Decisions and Corporate Planning invite you to optimise your planning processes and make quicker, better decisions. At the Hannover 96 stadium, an extensive programme awaits you with talks and success stories from well-known companies, workshops, and a keynote speech from CA controller akademie. A guided tour of the stadium and plenty of opportunities for networking will add the finishing touch to the programme.

Our Programme

  • 8.30 am Check-In

    Reception and Welcome

    • Daniel Lüders, Hannover 96 Sales & Services
  • 9.00 am Talk

    Decision-Making Processes in the Digital World

    • How data can be used to make targeted decisions
    • Phillip Wicke, TD Trusted Decisions
    • Bernhard Schneider, inTime Express Logistik
  • 9.45 am Success Stories

    Precise Decisions in Practice

    • Planning and budgeting at Hannover 96 and BASF
    • Daniel Lüders, Hannover 96 Sales & Services
    • Ute Neuenschwander, BASF Catalysts Germany
  • 10.45 am Snack Break

    Discussions and Networking with Peers

    • 11.15 am Keynote Speech

      Successful Digitisation is like Football

      • Make better decisions with technology, tactics and team spirit
      • Jens Ropers, CA controller akademie
    • 12.00 pm Talk

      Intelligent Planning: Think outside the box

      • Integrated financial planning and modern analyses
      • Harald Straßmair, TD Trusted Decisions
      • Marcus Schumacher, Corporate Planning
    • 1.00 pm Corporate Planner News

      Features and Functions for the Future

      • New possibilities in planning, analysis and reporting
      • Marcus Schumacher, Corporate Planning
    • 1.30 pm Lunch Break

      Discussions and Networking with your Peers

      • 2.30 pm A Guided Tour of the Stadium

        Look Behind the Scenes at Hannover 96

        • 3.30 pm Round-Table Sessions

          Workshops, Dialogue and Networking Delve into a topic of your choice in discussions with our experts and with other participants