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Efficient and Crisis-Proof HR Management

Optimise your HR planning for exceptional challenges.

  • Increasing demands.

    With corona, skills shortages and demographic change, the demands on HR management are increasing. The more dynamic and uncertain the environment, the more important transparency and flexible planning become. If you wish not only to keep an eye on your latest monthly statistics but also, and above all, to keep the future of your business in focus, then you should have a look at our Corporate Planner Human Resources software solution.

  • Planning scenarios.

    In times of crisis, maintaining an overview of all the staff positions in your business, analysing the costs in detail and making the right decisions quickly matter more than ever. For this it is necessary to depict various scenarios in the HR plan and to produce customised management reports about predefined KPIs such as annual leave entitlements.

  • Fully automated integration.

    With Corporate Planner Human Resources, not only can you plan your staffing flexibly and compare different scenarios on an ad-hoc basis, but you can also benefit from the integrated transition from your HR plan to the entire P&L plan and to the liquidity plan. But why not see for yourself? Our corporate performance management, financial planning and consolidation experts are looking forward to hearing from you.