09 May

Natural BI Summit 2019

Hamburg Nord Event Panoramadeck
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  • The new Business Intelligence Forum

    Bye-bye, User Meeting – Welcome, Natural BI Summit. This year, the CP-User Meeting has grown into an international conference and networking platform for all corporate performance management professionals and BI experts – no matter whether they work with the Corporate Planning solutions or not. Together with its Partners, Corporate Planning has created a special event for everyone wishing to contribute actively to the future of business planning.

  • Get your ticket for the Natural BI Summit now

    Register now and get your ticket for just € 249.00. The ticket price includes all talks and workshops in the two-day conference programme, as well as catering throughout the entire event and the Networking Party at the Mojo Club.

  • The future of corporate performance management

    Our keynote speakers will be answering questions such as: Will predictive planning make corporate performance management professionals redundant? What tools will we need for collaborating? And how justified is what is known as cloud phobia, the widespread fear of the cloud? In use cases, users of the Corporate Planning software will be presenting their current projects and field-tested models that they have implemented with our solutions. On the Solution Day, our consultants and Partners will be offering compact training sessions with guidelines from the fields of corporate performance management, financial planning and consolidation which you can put into practice straight away.


  • 9.00 am

    Registration & Coffee

    • 10.00 am

      Opening- Natural BI Summit 2018

      • 11.00 am

        Keynote I: Leading Digital Collaboration: The end of meetings and emails? Christoph Magnussen, Blackboat

        • 11.45 am

          Coffee & Networking

          • 12.15 pm

            Use Cases I

            • Highly flexible analyses and making the right decisions by forecasting, Michael Wildt | Bayerische Landesversicherung AG
            • Fully integrated contribution margin analyses in sales, Susanne Krauss & Oliver Schneider | BDO AG
            • Successful management of planning processes for sales, Tobias Schlömp & Timo | Rügenwalder Mühle - Carl Müller GmbH & Co. KG
            • Decentralised personnel cost planning in Detail Stefan Lindenlaub | Saxess Software GmbH
            • Successful reorientation of complex care providers, Attila Nagy | Rosenbaum Nagy Unternehmensberatung GmbH
            • CFO in a Day - Case Study: Healthcare (international workshop), Martin Kartomo | CP-FM & Washant van Dam | Deloitte Nederland
          • 1.00 pm

            Grab-and-Go Lunch

            • 2.00 pm

              Keynote II: Cloud Phobia in the Data Economy: What is the "right" way for businesses to handle data? Prof. Dr. Andreas Wagener | Hof University of Applied Sciences

              • 2.45 pm

                Coffee & Networking

                • 3.15 pm

                  Use Cases II

                  • Multi-currency planning in sales and short-term forecasting, Daniela Dunker | Hellmann Worldwide Logistics SE & Co. KG & Michael Geskes | Xtern-Controlling
                  • Efficient financial data integration and detailed contract management, Stefan Lindenlaub | Saxess Software GmbH
                  • From the design to the implementation: reorganisation of a complex care provider, Daniel Böhnke | DRK Nordhein gGmbH
                  • Managing complexity in car dealerships, Carina Vollmer & Michael Ottens | UK Unternehmenskontor
                  • Empirical science in CP projects: lessons learned, Heiko Niendorf | PRO Klinik Holding GmbH
                  • Day-based, joined-up business planning, Esther Kurr | KTL Kombi-Terminal Ludwigshafen GmbH
                • 4.00 pm

                  Cookies & Networking

                  • 4.30 pm

                    Keynote III: The Future of Planning: So, it's all going to be predictive, is it? Dr. Christian Fuchs | BARC

                    • 5.15 pm

                      Closing – Networking Day

                      • from 7.30 pm

                        Evening Event: The Night of Natural BI

                        • 9.00 am

                          Welcome & Morning Coffee

                          • 9.30 am

                            Opening – Solution Day

                            • 9.45 am

                              Keynote IV: The Right Strategy in Corporate Performance Management, Prof. Dr. Markus Kottbauer | CA Controller Akademie

                              • 10.30 am

                                Coffee & Networking

                                • 11.00 am

                                  Solution Workshops I

                                  • More speed in sales – Multidimensional planning and analyses, Konrad Mayer & Nils Conrads | CP Corporate Planning AG
                                  • Liquidity planning made easy, Nils Conrads | CP Corporate Planning AG
                                  • External information users involved automatically with CP-Cockpit and Report-Mailer, Michael Sprenger | Walther & Kollegen
                                  • Making HR management efficient, Regina Schwarz & Silke Gebhard | CP Corporate Planning AG
                                  • Integrated sales and financial planning, Dennis Heine & René Schnitzler | CP Corporate Planning AG
                                  • CFO in a Day - Case Study in Healthcare Part I (international workshop), Washant von Dam | Deloitte, Martin Kartomo | CP-FM
                                  • Decentralised planning with QlikSense, Leonie Ueck & Florian Eutert | CP Corporate Planning AG
                                • 11.45 am

                                  Coffee & Networking

                                  • 12.15 pm

                                    Solution Workshops II

                                    • Getting started in professional consolidation, Sascha Zacharias | CP Corporate Planning AG
                                    • Planning investments where they are made, Gerd Tautenhahn | Saxess Software GmbH
                                    • Kick-Off: Financial Planning – Planning of budget data, Patrick Jacobs & Jacob Musser | CP Corporate Planning AG
                                    • Decentralised financial planning, Konrad Mayer & Florian Eutert | CP Corporate Planning AG
                                    • Consolidation for experts, Antje Warzecha & Arne Kottmann | CP Corporate Planning AG
                                    • CFO in a Day - Case Study in Healthcare Part II (international workshop), Washant von Dam | Deloitte, Martin Kartomo | CP-FM
                                    • Management model for residential elderly care – Implementation of an integrated planning approach , Mike Santinato | CP Corporate Planning AG, Sandra Winter & Kip Sloane | Rosenbaum Nagy Unternehmensberatung GmbH)
                                  • 1.00 pm

                                    Grab-and-Go Lunch

                                    • 1.45 pm

                                      New Features in the Corporate Planning Software, Sven Baade | CP Corporate Planning AG

                                      • 2.30 pm

                                        Closing – Natural BI Summit 2018