Corporate Planner DataFactory

Detailed planning made easy

  • Corporate Planner DataFactory

    Say goodbye to wading through an endless variety of spreadsheets today, and prepare your detailed non-personnel cost plan to perfection in Corporate Planner. Thanks to Corporate Planner DataFactory, your cost centre managers will all access a single data source and maintain consistent worksheets. This new solution is designed for multiple users and its handling is based on Microsoft Excel. You can thus get as many of your colleagues on board as you like – without any extra training. Leave all the unnecessary spreadsheet acrobatics to the others from now on, and use the time you save for the benefit of your corporate performance management.

  • Your free analysis workshop

    Make sure you take advantage of our special launch offer: arrange an appointment for a free analysis workshop by 20th April 2018. Together we will look into your requirements and design a made-to-measure solution for your non-personnel cost plan, human resource plan, or any other plans. There are many different fields of application. Further information will be provided in the webinar.


  • 11:00 am


    • Introduction to Corporate Planner DataFactory
    • Fields of application | Use cases
    • Live demonstration of Corporate Planner DataFactory
    • Outlook
  • 11:30 am