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How to plan when sales are on a rollercoaster ride

Learn how to respond quickly to radical changes with proper sales planning.

  • Sales in times of radical market dislocations.

    The sales figures of products and services normally evolve over a lengthy period. However, in exceptions, such as the current corona crisis, market dislocations can be radical and extremely sudden. They become more frequent, more severe and more difficult to predict. While they pose a threat, they come with opportunities too.

  • Planning in a volatile market environment.

    In a market characterised so much by disruptions, businesses no longer operate along the usual lines of planning on the basis of a budget and a forecast. Instead, they move through a range of different scenarios which, again, are always changing. There's no time for long and detailed planning, and predictability is now so limited that only strategic top-down plans can keep pace with the changes.

  • Expert webinar on planning with scenarios.

    In this webinar, our experts will show you how to overcome crises such as this and how to obtain an overview of your company's position at any time. In a live demonstration, you will see how to set up a variety of earnings-related scenarios in next to no time with Corporate Planner. Taking the overall situation of the business into account, you can merge the monetary consequences of the scenarios into an integrated financial plan. You will learn how to use measures and analyses to generate scenarios quickly and how to communicate their implications clearly.