Natural BI Summit 2019

Networking & Solution Days

9th – 10th May 2019 in Hamburg

    Natural BI Summit

    The second Natural BI Summit will take place in Hamburg on 9th and 10th May 2019. The NBIS is the Business Intelligence forum for Corporate Planning customers and all business planners who are interested.

    This year, we will be looking at three topics in particular: planning, new work and balance.

    Join us for two information-packed days of keynote speeches, workshops, best-practice approaches and the grand networking party. As part of NBIS 2019, Corporate Planning will be celebrating its 30th anniversary. Register now to secure a ticket.

    You can watch the NBIS 2018 highlights here:



    • Networking Day

      • 9:30 am Opening Natural BI Summit

      • 10:15 am Keynote
        Anders Indset

      • 11:30 am Use Cases

      • 1:15 pm Keynote
        Sebastian Purps-Pardigol

      • 2:45 pm Use Cases

      • 4:00 pm Keynote
        Prof. Jutta Rump

      • 4:45 pm New Features in the
        Corporate Planning Software I

      • 5:30 pm Closing Networking Day

      • 7:30 pm The Night of Natural BI

    • Solution Day

      • 9:30 am Opening Solution Day

      • 9:45 am Keynote
        Raphael Gielgen (Vitra)

      • 10:30 am Keynote
        Wolfgang Kobek (Qlik)

      • 11:45 am Solution Workshops

      • 1:15 pm Solution Workshops

      • 2:15 pm Keynote
        René Gürtler (Microsoft)

      • 3:00 pm New Features in the
        Corporate Planning Software II

      • 3:30 pm Closing Natural BI Summit


    • Anders Indset

      Business Philosopher

      Anders Indset, one of the world's leading business philosophers, offers a new perspective on the "Art of Thinking". By connecting the philosophy of the past with the technology and science of tomorrow, he shows business leaders how to sail through the 21st century.
    • Prof. Jutta Rump

      University of Applied Sciences in Ludwigshafen

      Digitisation and its consequences beyond technology What are the consequences of digitisation for the world of work, for the individual and for society? In her keynote speech, Professor Rump will explain the effects of digitisation and other megatrends. Discover the formula for success in mastering digital transformation: Work 4.0 + Leadership 4.0 + Organisation 4.0 + Employment 4.0.
    • Sebastian Purps-Pardigol

      Bestselling author and organisational consultant

      Cultural change in business – a neuroscientific perspective How do people succeed in unfolding their hidden potential? What patterns are influential in bringing individual employees, teams or entire organisations to surpass themselves? How might we apply this knowledge to our personal and professional lives? Sebastian Purps-Pardigol will be answering these questions. Combining science and economics in a highly entertaining talk, he will draw on recent neuroscientific discoveries to explain the patterns behind success.
    • Wolfgang Kobek

      VP EMEA, Qlik

      Passive software becomes smart software – Predictive Analysis. From standard reporting through data discovery and visual analytics to augmented intelligence. What approaches do we have for offering the user added value with new technologies and for combining pure logic with human intuition? What are the prerequisites for deploying such solutions and, above all, what will this mean for your business?


    Look forward to exciting talks and valuable insights into a variety of use cases.