The Natural BI Summit is coming to Cologne.
    From 29th to 30th April 2020, the Cathedral City will be the next destination for our Business Intelligence Forum.

    At #NBIS20, everything will revolve around BI topics that are on the minds of financial controllers, financial planners and group accounting specialists. Participants can look forward to two exciting days with keynote speeches from renowned top-class speakers, user talks from well-known companies, and innovative corporate performance management approaches from diverse sectors of industry.

    100 Early Bird Tickets
    Make sure you don’t miss your chance to secure your ticket for the Natural BI Summit 2020 in Cologne today. The first hundred participants will benefit from an early bird discount of €100.00.

    #NBIS19 Retrospective
    350 participants from Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and the USA, twelve use cases, twelve solution workshops, six keynote speeches, two days, one event – that was the Natural BI Summit 2019 in Hamburg:


    For information about cancellation deadlines and fees, please click here.


    The Agenda for the NBIS 2020 will be published soon.


    These were our keynote speakers at 2019. We will be announcing the speakers for 2020 in the next few weeks.

    • Anders Indset

      Business Philosopher

      Become a Leader of Change! Expecting the unexpected
    • Prof. Jutta Rump

      University of Applied Sciences in Ludwigshafen

      Digitisation and its consequences beyond technology What are the consequences of digitisation for the world of work, for the individual and for society? In her keynote speech, Professor Rump will explain the effects of digitisation and other megatrends. Discover the formula for success in mastering digital transformation: Work 4.0 + Leadership 4.0 + Organisation 4.0 + Employment 4.0.
    • Sebastian Purps-Pardigol

      Bestselling author and organisational consultant

      Cultural change in business – a neuroscientific perspective How do people succeed in unfolding their hidden potential? What patterns are influential in bringing individual employees, teams or entire organisations to surpass themselves? How might we apply this knowledge to our personal and professional lives? Sebastian Purps-Pardigol will be answering these questions. Combining science and economics in a highly entertaining talk, he will draw on recent neuroscientific discoveries to explain the patterns behind success.
    • Raphael Gielgen Trend Spotter Future of Work


      Do it again.


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