Natural BI Summit 2019

Networking & Solution Days

9th – 10th May 2019 in Hamburg

    Natural BI Summit

    Two days, six keynote speeches, twelve user talks, twelve solution workshops, one event: with about 350 participants from Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and the USA, and a programme filled to bursting with new ideas, the second round of our Business Intelligence Forum was held on 9th and 10th May 2019.

    At the event on the 23rd floor of the Emporio Tower in Hamburg, everything revolved around the trends and topics currently on the minds of financial specialists and CFOs, which ranged from methods, tools and concrete best-practice approaches for reaping the benefits of the technological and cultural changes ensuing from digitisation, right through to useful tips on finding one’s own personal balance amid rapid digital transformation.


    The venue on the Nord Event Panoramadeck of the Emporio Tower with its spectacular 360° view across Hamburg, top-class speakers, and participants from diverse sectors, from BASF and Ringmetall through Julius Meinl and MLP to the German Red Cross, meant that the Natural BI Summit guests enjoyed an exceedingly varied event for the sharing of ideas and experience among peers.

    "I have come away with plenty of inspiration and ideas including, for instance, what we ought to be doing next with the CP software," said Isabell Karbowiak from rahm Zentrum für Gesundheit GmbH. "This will be very good for us to implement at our company."

    Manuela Orlandini from BMV Mineralöl Versorgungsgesellschaft mbH was similarly impressed: "What I enjoyed most was Anders Indset's speech. It really struck a chord with me, which I found great." Anders Indset, one of the world's leading business philosophers, made one point especially clear in his rousing keynote speech: "There's no such thing as the one digitisation that will ever be completed. We have no idea what we're transforming ourselves into. Instead, we should be asking ourselves what future would be desirable for us."


    • Networking Day

      • 9:30 am Opening Natural BI Summit

      • 10:15 am Keynote
        Anders Indset

      • 11:30 am Use Cases

      • 1:15 pm Keynote
        Sebastian Purps-Pardigol

      • 2:45 pm Use Cases

      • 4:00 pm Keynote
        Prof. Jutta Rump

      • 4:45 pm New Features in the
        Corporate Planning Software I

      • 5:30 pm Closing Networking Day

      • 7:30 pm The Night of Natural BI

    • Solution Day

      • 9:30 am Opening Solution Day

      • 9:45 am Keynote
        Raphael Gielgen (Vitra)

      • 10:30 am Keynote
        Wolfgang Kobek (Qlik)

      • 11:45 am Solution Workshops

      • 1:15 pm Solution Workshops

      • 2:15 pm Keynote
        Oliver Gürtler (Microsoft)

      • 3:00 pm New Features in the
        Corporate Planning Software II

      • 3:30 pm Closing Natural BI Summit

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    • Anders Indset

      Business Philosopher

      Become a Leader of Change! Expecting the unexpected
    • Prof. Jutta Rump

      University of Applied Sciences in Ludwigshafen

      Digitisation and its consequences beyond technology What are the consequences of digitisation for the world of work, for the individual and for society? In her keynote speech, Professor Rump will explain the effects of digitisation and other megatrends. Discover the formula for success in mastering digital transformation: Work 4.0 + Leadership 4.0 + Organisation 4.0 + Employment 4.0.
    • Sebastian Purps-Pardigol

      Bestselling author and organisational consultant

      Cultural change in business – a neuroscientific perspective How do people succeed in unfolding their hidden potential? What patterns are influential in bringing individual employees, teams or entire organisations to surpass themselves? How might we apply this knowledge to our personal and professional lives? Sebastian Purps-Pardigol will be answering these questions. Combining science and economics in a highly entertaining talk, he will draw on recent neuroscientific discoveries to explain the patterns behind success.
    • Raphael Gielgen Trend Spotter Future of Work


      Do it again.
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    Look forward to exciting talks and valuable insights into a variety of use cases.