“Have fun with innovation”

Three questions for… Oliver Gürtler, Director Cloud + Enterprise at Microsoft Deutschland GmbH

The cloud expert gives an outline of where cloud computing currently stands in medium-sized companies and risks a look into the future.

Mr Gürtler, what is the current state of cloud usage in Germany?

Gürtler: Cloud usage among large corporations is 100%. This is due to the cost savings, security advantages and scalability. In the SME sector, this is an issue where the benefits – and the ways in which it can be used – are still not understood everywhere. That goes particularly for artificial intelligence, which is where even more education is needed.

What, then, will cloud usage in Germany look like in future?

Gürtler: Germany is the fastest-growing country in terms of cloud usage right now. However, we did get off to rather a late start. Other countries, from India to the USA, are ahead of us. I believe, though, that here in Germany we’ll be up to world standard again within the next two years.

What is your advice for small and medium-sized businesses?

Gürtler: Have a good look at the possibilities that the cloud has to offer. It’s incredibly fascinating to evaluate all the things you can do with the cloud, and especially with artificial intelligence. Just think about how it might alter your product range, business operations and processes. Do as the start-ups do: have fun with innovation!

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