CP Corporate Planning AG

Natural Business Intelligence Bottled

Our CP Riesling is a top-quality organic wine. Matured on the steep slopes of the Moselle region and processed with the utmost care, this is Natural Business Intelligence presented in the exclusive CP bottle.

Our special thank-you to our speakers and customers

When you hold our CP Riesling in your hands, we'd like to say an especially sincere thank-you – for an exciting talk, a workshop with our software, the completion of a project, or simply for successful collaboration. We have selected our organic wine carefully. It embodies conscientious work, full maturity, and an appreciation of the person and his or her environment. Just as the workings of our software are guided by the processes of the natural world, the CP Riesling is produced according to nature's principles. Cheers!

Business Intelligence Software

The Corporate Planning software is the integrated solution for operational and strategic management, integrated financial planning and consolidation.