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Controlling Software – Corporate Planner Suite

The comprehensive software solution for professional corporate performance management.

The successful leadership and control of a company is certainly a complex challenge. The Corporate Planner Suite supports you in operational management, strategic management and consolidation, providing you with all the tools you need for successful enterprise management. Not all companies need the full range of available corporate performance management tools. That's why you can put together your very own corporate performance management software which is best suited to your specific requirements.

Corporate Planner Business Logic Tree

Seeing clearly in the data jungle

The distinctive tree structure (Business Logic Tree) in the Corporate Planner Suite means that navigation is logical and intuitive and structural interrelationships are clearly depicted. Cluttered, nested and error-prone tables belong to the past. The Business Logic Tree provides you with maximum transparency and takes all the effort out of moving around in your data and structures.

The choice is yours

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