Corporate Planner 6.0 now available in the customer portal

Corporate Planner version 6.0 contains a range of new features, which are available on two levels. Level 1 contains a variety of functional extensions in the different solutions. Level 2 contains a completely new world – the Corporate Planner Suite. To activate this world, the licence must be exchanged in advance, at no charge.

Take off into the new world of the Corporate Planner Suite

With version 6.0, you have the opportunity to dive into the new world of the Corporate Planner Suite. Work together with all users from the fields of operational controlling, financial controlling and sales controlling on a common online platform, the Corporate Planner Web Client. Its intuitive interface and entry portal with direct access to all databases and solutions, new navigation features, innovative analysis tools like Sunburst, additional report variants and integrated dashboard functionality make working even easier and more effective.