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Dear Contributors,

You are the driving force behind the development of the Corporate Planning software. Submit your suggestions and vote with other users on which suggested improvements you would like us to implement. Please note the following points on how to use our ideas platform.

  • What is CP-Ideas?
    With the new ideas platform, we are giving our customers the opportunity to comment and make detailed suggestions for improving our solutions and individual features. Other users will then have a chance to consider and rate the various ideas. This will let us know what our customers would like the most so that we can develop our software to suit your needs even better.
  • How do I get onto the ideas platform?
    You will need to register for the platform with your email address. When you have done so, you will receive a confirmation email to verify your registration. You will find the ideas platform at
  • How do I find my way around the ideas platform?
    The CP-Ideas platform is very easy to use. Its main functions are:
    1. Add a new idea
    2. Access your ideas
    3. Filter ideas by status and category
    4. Search for ideas
  • How do I add a new idea?
    If your request relates to a specific product, please select that product when adding your new idea. For global functions, add your ideas under “CP-Suite”.
    In the description, please specify the relevant function category and function (e.g. “in the ‘Tools’ function category, in the ‘Import Data’ function, in the import definition we would like …”). This extra information will make it easier for us and for other users to understand your request. Please put your requests in an objective manner that is clear and easy to understand. Illustrate your expectations by adding examples, use cases, screenshots, sketches or example calculations. Every reader should be able to understand what you mean straight away. 
  • How do I comment on and rate existing ideas?
    : Is there anything you’d like to add to an existing idea? If so, simply enter a comment with your own requests and suggestions for improvements.
    Rate: With your vote, you can attach weight to the ideas submitted by all users. At the end, the votes cast will produce a ranking to indicate which new features and improvements our customers would most like to have.
    Follow: Would you like to be notified when the status of an idea changes or when other users post their comments? Then click “Subscribe” on the right of the screen.
  • How should I behave on the ideas platform?
    The protection of personal data is extremely important to us. For this reason, we would ask you not to include any company names, customer numbers or names of contact persons (e.g. “Mr Bloggs from XYZ Ltd would like…”). Please do not add screenshots that contain customer data or tree structures. Please put your entries in an objective, unemotional manner. We reserve the right to remove any personal or irrelevant comments from the ideas platform. Repeated breaches of this etiquette may lead to exclusion from the ideas platform.
  • What will happen to my ideas?
    If your suggestion is one of the ideas with the most votes, we will add it to our roadmap.


  • Sven Baade

    Sven Baade

    CPO | Chief Product Officer

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    Arne Kottmann

    Product Manager Corporate Planner Cons

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    Dennis Heine

    Product Manager Corporate Planner Finance