A New Year, A New Corporate Planner Version

Intelligent Reporting and Improved Performance

To mark the beginning of the new year, CP Corporate Planning AG (CP) has released Corporate Planner version 6.0.200 with plenty of new features. The focus is on the provision of an integrated reporting system according to the International Business Communication Standards (IBCS). Corporate Planner users are now able to produce clear and comprehensible management reports and presentations with just a few clicks and raise their business communication to a new level with the IBCS standards.

Intelligent IBCS Reporting

Not only does the new version of the Corporate Planning software provide new ways of visualizing data; it also applies the IBCS principles to choose the correct display format for the selected data. If preferred, the user may instead choose from a number of other suitable visualizations that are suggested as alternatives. Effective reporting is now child’s play – from data selection to the PowerPoint presentation.

Web Client Portal Now an Information Pool

Apart from the access to real-time data in dashboards, reports and analyses, the Web Client portal now has additional functions. Users can provide their colleagues with supplementary information in the form of files, documents and links and create custom folders for this purpose. Being able to save views and open them again at predefined entry points, such as analyses, IBCS reports and print views, makes working in the Web Client even more effective.

Consolidation in the Web Client

In version 6.0.200, consolidated financial statements are now also accessible via the Web Client. All standard reports are available online and can be opened directly in the portal. This means that CP-Cons users, too, can benefit from the flexible access and user-friendliness of the Web Client.

Higher Performance and Added Convenience in Corporate Planner Finance

Version 6.0.200 speeds up working in Corporate Planner Finance on several levels. Technological changes have increased performance, particularly in the case of large-scale installations. The new load processes increase speed and offer numerous advantages for projects involving many people in a multi-user environment.

New Sales Planning Possibilities

Corporate Planner Sales 6.0.200 expands the range of planning options in sales management. Data transfer and distribution across different measures simplify the modelling of aspects beyond the approaches offered in previous versions. Thus, for instance, averages can be calculated and then used directly for planning.

The improved filter display provides a better overview. The new layout makes filters in CP-Sales even quicker and easier to use.

Structures and Calculations Now Even Easier to Follow

Increased transparency with respect to the structures underlying the values and calculations makes working with tables easier. That’s why the new version provides access to the structural information from every table. Users can open the sidebar to obtain all the information on the items in the table without leaving the table view. The direct access to the calculation rules, formulae and KPIs, as well as the link to the reference values, lead to a quicker understanding and an easier interpretation of the values in the table.

Extensive performance improvements in all areas and the easier handling of the Web Client increase the level of convenience and add the finishing touches to the function range in version 6.0.200.


The new version 6.0.200 is now available for download in the Corporate Planning Customer Portal.
Companies that have not yet made the changeover to Corporate Planner 6.0 can find out about their upgrade options by contacting their Customer Development representative.