CP software highly regarded by users

The Planning Survey 18 confirms user satisfaction

In the Planning Survey 18 carried out by the Business Application Research Center (BARC), the Corporate Planning software performed convincingly in planning, its chosen field of expertise. An overwhelming 97% of all businesses questioned are somewhat satisfied or very satisfied with the Corporate Planning solutions. The three peer groups featuring Corporate Planning in the study unanimously placed the software at the top of the table (“top ranked”) in the key performance indicators (KPIs) of “Planning functionality”, “Integrated planning” and “User experience”. Across all three peer groups, the Corporate Planning software achieved “top ranked” status as many as 15 times, and “leading” status 30 times, in different KPIs. The three peer groups in which CP features are “Solution-focused Planning Products”, “Financial Performance Management Products” and “European Vendors”. In this year’s Planning Survey a total of 17 software solutions with reference to 24 KPIs were rated.

One survey participant, who uses the software in corporate performance management in a mid-sized food production company, comments: “Straightforward product, analysing the budget and actual values is a quick and easy process. Plans can be produced in several data streams, which means that several alternative scenarios can be run through.”


Business planning staff enjoy working with Corporate Planning software

The planning software by Corporate Planning proved itself to be a leading product with regard to “User experience” in its peer groups. The great ratings in the “Performance satisfaction”, “Planning functionality”, “Reporting/analysis functionality”, “Predefined data connections”, “Ease of use”, “Self-service”, “Integrated planning”, “Simulation & scenario analysis” and “Driver-based planning” KPIs earned the solution leading and top rankings. The positive user experience is based above all on the software’s integrated planning and BI functionalities, as well as on its ease of use and its predefined integration of data from a variety of sources and operational systems.


Planning in any use case

The software’s extensive planning functionality was rated as “top ranked” by Corporate Planning users in all of its peer groups. Features such as top-down planning, bottom-up planning, a combination of the two approaches, and the fact that the software can be used in all fields and industry sectors, served to secure this excellent ranking.


Leading in integrated planning

The intelligent model for integrated planning throughout the enterprise was also consistently designated as “top ranked” by Corporate Planning users in all of its peer groups. The Corporate Planning software makes all the operational budgets available for integrated financial planning, from where the data can be transferred to the consolidated financial statement.


Easy to use

The Corporate Planning solutions require a minimum of IT expertise on the part of the user and, with their convenient self-service approach, they provide a high level of business benefit. This was confirmed in two of its peer groups, “Solution-focused Planning Products” and “European Vendors”, as Corporate Planning users rated the solution as “top ranked” in the “Ease of Use” KPI. Within the “Financial Performance Management Products” peer group, the solutions are considered at any rate to be “leading”.

The complete study is available here for download.


About the BARC Planning Survey

The BARC Planning Survey is an annual, vendor-independent survey of users of planning, budgeting and forecasting software. Its objective is to examine in detail the reasons for purchase, the implementation cycles and the business benefits achieved. The data were collected in the period from November 2017 to February 2018. In total, 1,465 people took part, and 17 solutions were analysed. Please find more information here.