Budgeting on target: corporate performance management at SK Rapid Wien

CP-User Meeting 2016 in Austria

How about predicting the matches won and league table positions, or knowing the size of the bonuses even before the opening match? That would be nice – and that’s what Raphael Landthaler, SK Rapid Wien’s Head of Finance and Organisational Development, thinks too. In his talk at the Austrian CP-User Meeting at the Allianz Stadium in Vienna on 28th September 2016 he described how complex and flexible a football club’s corporate performance management is – and needs to be. In front of an audience of 130 corporate performance management specialists, he demonstrated the distinctive tree structures in the CP software for items such as merchandising revenues, player contracts, sponsorship deals and HR management. With best case, worst case and actual case scenario planning, SK Rapid Wien is always ready for all eventualities.

The highlights of the day, apart from Raphael Landthaler’s talk, were the presentations of the new functions in the CP software and a guided tour of the recently inaugurated Allianz Stadium.

This year’s CP-User Meeting in Vienna was not only attended by customers of Corporate Planning, but also for the first time by people involved in corporate performance management who had not yet been working with the software. With the experts sharing their experience and contributing to many aspects of the discussions, the event was a complete success.

For more pictures of the event in the Allianz Stadion, click here.