Corporate Planner 6.0.300 is here

New version stands out with IBCS reporting across all modules

CP Corporate Planning AG (CP) has released a new version of its software for business management. Corporate Planner 6.0.300 is available for download in the CP Customer Portal. The innovative self-service approach now has a fully integrated reporting system in accordance with the International Business Communication Standards (IBCS). The new Reporting Studio prepares all data automatically and enables IBCS-compliant management reports and presentations to be created by drag & drop with just a few clicks. Never has clear and comprehensible business communication been easier or more convenient.

IBCS reporting for all

“Following on from the recently created ad-hoc display for standardized data visualization according to the International Business Communication Standards with hi-chart, our new Reporting Studio now offers all the possibilities of a uniform IBCS reporting system across all areas and modules,” explains CP Product Manager Arne Kottmann. “Over 300 standard integrations to more than 150 source systems enable the inclusion of all relevant data and the automated updating of reports. An extensive template library supports the user in selecting the right visualization for the facts being depicted and minimizes the time required. Customizations, such as corporate identity features, can easily be implemented at any time.”

Improved reporting process thanks to more self service

Another highlight of version 6.0.300 is the self-service approach enhanced by replicas. As variants of existing content, these make it much easier to manage information, while editing reports is simpler and more reliable. Replicas can also be used for targeting information more precisely.

Financial planning and consolidation optimized for added convenience

Users of Corporate Planner Finance can now look forward to even more convenience and transparency. On the one hand, the enhanced drill-down functionality enables them to access the details of individual postings. On the other hand, postings in an account or account group and their associated cost centres or cost centre groups can now be displayed on a more highly aggregated level, making them easier to locate and summarize. In Corporate Planner Cons, too, specific information can now be gathered in next to no time. New filters for a more refined data selection have been added to the Web Client, so it is now also possible to filter by account, transaction number, debtor and creditor. By pinning multiple accounts, individual account analyses can be assembled into overviews.

Power BI & Excel: more connectivity

There’s good news for Microsoft Power BI users too. The Microsoft dashboard application is now integrated in Corporate Planner, which means that graphics from Power BI can be displayed and selected. In addition, content from Microsoft Excel can be transferred to Corporate Planner 6.0.300 simply by copy & paste.

The bottom line

“With the new Corporate Planner 6.0.300, we’ve succeeded in strengthening the self-service approach, which is important for efficient reporting, and in offering meaningful IBCS reporting standards. The new replicas feature, in particular, enables information to be targeted more precisely towards users. In addition, the drill-down feature ensures that our customers can always trace their postings, which makes it much easier for them to pursue their objectives,” Arne Kottman sums up.

Now available in the Customer Portal

Corporate Planner 6.0.300 and the New Features document with detailed information about the new version are now available in the Corporate Planning Customer Portal.