Corporate Planning Campus offering attractive discount

Book your live online training now and pay less

Corporate Planning customers now have the chance to transform their Corporate Planner into a made-to-measure corporate performance management solution for their business and to save hard cash. There will be a 10% discount on all live online training courses until 30th September. This offer is aimed specifically at newcomers and returners wishing to exploit the full potential of the Corporate Planning software.

The Corporate Planner OC and Corporate Planner Finance basic training courses provide a complete overview of the functions in theory and practice. Using interactive case studies, participants learn how to build structures and integrated planning models, import source data, define uniform structures throughout the company, draw up budgets and carry out analyses, and create reports (in three-day courses only).

“All course participants work directly in the Corporate Planning Cloud and use Microsoft Teams for interpersonal communication. The limit of twelve persons per training course ensures that participants can interact with one another and make good progress in learning the material,” Chief Training & Consulting Officer Lars Böhle emphasises. “And, so that all participants may review what they have learned and share their new knowledge with their colleagues, our Cloud will remain available to them free of charge for one week after the training session.”

In-person training courses will be taking place again on the Corporate Planning Campus from October – with due regard, of course, for all the applicable requirements and social distancing guidelines. You will find an overview of the wide-ranging training programme HERE.