Corporate Planning continues to expand its network

DM EDV strengthens CP's expertise in the care sector

CP Corporate Planning AG (CP) has succeeded in gaining a new partner, DM EDV- und Bürosysteme GmbH. For more than 25 years, the company based in Garrel, Lower Saxony, has been developing smart software solutions that capture and model the processes of complex care practice, from rota planning through care planning and documentation to administration and billing.

“We’re delighted to welcome DM EDV- und Bürosysteme on board as a new partner in our team. Having made a name for itself with the development of software targeted specifically at the care sector, DM EDV complements us very well,” emphasizes Denis Stein, Senior Partner Manager at CP Corporate Planning AG. “In our partnership, DM EDV will benefit from enhancing the planning aspect of its product portfolio, and we will strengthen our expertise in the health and social care sector even further.”

DM EDV- und Bürosysteme GmbH is part of ARZ Haan AG, a leading vendor in the field of billing, financial services and software solutions for health care service providers. A team of IT experts, business administration specialists and nursing staff ensures with its wide-ranging expertise that practice-oriented solutions for domiciliary, semi-residential and residential care always meet the current requirements in everyday care provision.

Around 2,000 clients already use the DM EDV software products in administration and billing, planning and documentation, and for rota and staff deployment planning. The users benefit from the straightforward handling of the solutions – a noticeable relief for the nursing staff in their day-to-day work.

“The Corporate Planning product range is an ideal complement to DM7, our software for care provision,” says Ralf Siemer, Head of Sales at DM EDV- und Bürosysteme GmbH. “Through this strong partnership, we’re already offering our customers made-to-measure corporate performance management solutions for the future.”

To find out more about DM EDV (in German), click HERE.