Corporate Planning continues to grow

First quarter of 2020 confirms upward trend

CP Corporate Planning AG continues to grow. The international vendor of corporate performance management software completed the first quarter of 2020 with a considerable gain on that of previous year, exceeding all expectations by far. In business with new customers alone, the company based in Hamburg is 70% up on the previous year. Sales in Austria doubled, and three new international partners were acquired in South Africa, Spain and Serbia. Corporate Planning is thus not only withstanding the corona crisis but also benefiting from the increasing demand for professional software solutions for financial planning and liquidity management.

“The figures are the product of strategic decisions and dedicated teamwork. With the enhancement of our software, we laid the foundations last year for the excellent start to 2020,” says Matthias Kläsener, Chief Executive Officer at CP Corporate Planning AG. “As a technology company, we have a predominantly digitised style of work. We responded to the corona crisis very early on and can continue to provide our customers with the normal levels of service. Events and training sessions are held online and in the form of virtual classrooms.”

“Experience from our current projects has shown that the anticipated frictional losses from a lack of face-to-face contact have not materialised. Instead, the use of modern technology has meant that the defined milestones are being achieved without business operations being disrupted,” emphasises Lars Böhle, Chief Training & Consulting Officer. “What’s more, all those involved have been saving travel expenses and avoiding unproductive journey time.”

Even during the crisis, the software house with over thirty years of corporate performance management experience has shown itself to be a partner in solidarity with the SME sector. For instance, flexible special offer packages have been put together over the past few weeks to support CFOs and CEOs in overcoming the challenges ahead. The focus here is on safeguarding short-term liquidity and on creating scenario plans and the reports required for investors and supervisory boards.