Corporate Planning gathering speed

On course for success with catamaran Vitality

We salute you, Vitality, with three cheers! According to ancient seafaring tradition, the Corporate Planning team today christened the catamaran of the extreme sailor and stand-up paddler Michael Walther, naming it Vitality.
Since summer 2016, Corporate Planning and Michael Walther have been in close partnership. This season, Michael Walther is sailing under the CP flag, taking part in competitions and setting new records. In the planning and analysis of his voyages he is assisted by the CP software.

The person who gav Vitality its name, and hence the sponsor of the CP-Cat, is the CP employee Carmen Stöwer. On the Altona Fish Market jetty at 1.00 p.m., to the applause of the entire CP team and the international business partners, Carmen Stöwer popped the champagne cork and christened the boat saying:
“Today, anno domini 2016 in this age of Christian seafaring,
On the sixth day of the month September
I name this CP-Cat Vitality.
May she bring joy to all her skippers and
steer their plans to a successful outcome.”

Michael Walther’s catamaran belongs to the A-Cat class – and is therefore one of the most innovative catamarans in the world. Although its controls are reduced to the bare minimum, the model is at the forefront of its class. Thus, the sailor from Kiel, just like Corporate Planning in the development of its software, counts on simplicity, innovation and performance.