Corporate Planning Launches Software Solution for Sales Management

Corporate Planner Sales unveiled at 2017 User Meeting

At this year’s User Meeting, Corporate Planning unveiled an innovative software solution for sales management in front of an audience of more than 250 customers. The new product, Corporate Planner Sales, is characterised by being extremely quick to implement and easy to use, and comes with a comprehensive function range for planning, analysing and visualising complex multidimensional sales and product organisations.

The solution is centred on the tree structures distinctive to Corporate Planning. These structures visualise the interrelationships between business data in a hierarchy similar to that of an organisation chart. In Corporate Planner Sales, this tried and trusted form of presentation has been refined for multidimensional applications. The result of this is the Business Intelligence Tree. By rearranging and combining all the dimensions within the Business Intelligence Tree, users can plan, analyse and visualise their sales data from whatever perspective they choose. Corporate Planner Sales thus makes working with complex multidimensional data considerably easier, offering a noticeable increase in transparency and a significantly improved understanding of business interrelationships.

An innovative Business Intelligence solution
Even before its launch, Corporate Planner Sales was awarded the Best of 2017 Seal of Quality in the Business Intelligence category by Initiative Mittelstand, an influential SME interest group in Germany.

“The development of Corporate Planner Sales is the logical continuation of our strategy, which is to provide businesses with all the necessary solutions for successful business management in an integrated system from one source,” says Peter Sinn, CEO of CP Corporate Planning AG, about the new addition to the product portfolio.

In a live survey during the User Meeting in Hamburg, 90% of the users present rated Corporate Planner Sales as a good and extremely useful solution for sales management.

Sven Baade, Chief Product Officer of CP Corporate Planning AG, explains: “We are convinced that in this we are providing the market with a solution that brings together the best in planning and analysis. Many software systems lend themselves either to business planning or to the analysis of large data sets. Our approach does not only combine these two areas, but it also transfers the results automatically to the integrated financial plan and even, if desired, to the consolidation.”

The new product is available now and, from the end of August, will be presented as part of the Digital Corporate Perfomance Management events taking place throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland.