A Small Thank-You for Great Dedication

Corporate Planning Supports "Hamburg Says Thank You"

The corona pandemic is continuing to keep not only the economy in suspense, but every area of society too. It is having a particular impact on all those working in the health and social care sector. For many weeks now, they have been making sure that COVID-19 patients recover, that at-risk groups, such as people who need care, do not become sick and that children remain well looked after. At the same time, they must also be careful to stay healthy themselves. Corporate Planning would like to express its gratitude for the extraordinary dedication of these workers, which is why it is supporting the fund-raising campaign “Hamburg Says Thank You”.

“Many of our customers are from the health and social care sector. We therefore have first-hand knowledge of the high levels of stress and the challenges being faced by its workforce,” says Simone Doerfner, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at CP Corporate Planning AG. “With our sponsorship of the ‘Hamburg Says Thank You’ campaign, we would like to set an example at our head office in Hamburg and do our bit to ensure that the dedication and achievement of the workers in this sector, which is so important to society, are duly recognised.”

The “Hamburg Says Thank You” campaign aims to provide 10,000 workers in the health and social care sector and their families with a day out in Hamburg. For this purpose, the initiative is looking for support and donations. The money raised will fund 250 gift hampers for 250 Hamburg care homes, the contents of which will include vouchers worth €10,000 each for guided city tours, museums and exhibitions, musical acts and theatre performances, and coffee shops and restaurants. And, since the donations are being used for purchasing the vouchers, not only will the nursing staff receiving the gifts benefit, but so too will the Hamburg economy and its cultural and municipal institutions.


For more information about the “Hamburg Says Thank You” campaign, click HERE.