Corporate Planning to Continue its Growth with proALPHA

CPM Excellence Strengthens ERP Expert's Innovation Platform

CP Corporate Planning AG (CP) is going under the umbrella of the proALPHA Group, one of the leading vendors of ERP software for the SME sector. With CP, the group is bringing a leading software vendor for business management in the SME sector on board and continuing to expand its range in the direction of a comprehensive innovation platform. proALPHA has acquired all shares in CP Corporate Planning AG.

“After our productive and successful collaboration with HANNOVER Finanz, we see strong growth potential for Corporate Planning in the merger with proALPHA. The synergies range from the seamless integration of the software products to targeted innovation partnerships and opportunities in internationalization,” Matthias Kläsener emphasizes. The CEO of CP Corporate Planning AG, together with the existing management team, is looking forward to the collaboration. Matthias Kläsener is no stranger to proALPHA. As COO there from 2011 to 2017, he was in charge of its consulting unit and other areas including its existing customer business, and is extremely familiar with both proALPHA and the market environment.

“We’re delighted to be adding Corporate Planning to our portfolio, a company that clearly underscores our intention to become an innovation platform,” comments Eric Verniaut, CEO of proALPHA Group, on the acquisition. “The takeover fits directly into our corporate strategy, which profitably combines ‘best of breed’ with ‘best of suite’ and provides customers with the necessary competitive edge in the ongoing transformation process.”

The efficiency of the planning processes through rapid forecasting as well as scenario calculations and integrated, resilient reporting is an important backbone for medium-sized companies today, which need to position themselves robustly and dynamically. The integration of the Corporate Planning products will in future provide proALPHA customers with a highly professional solution for business planning with a wide range of functionalities for multidimensional analytics and customized enterprise reporting complete with the International Business Communication Standards (IBCS®). In connection with its advanced cloud transformation, this will make proALPHA ERP software into an integrated all-in-one platform for all processes and activities throughout the entire value chain.

CP Corporate Planning AG will remain as a company and a brand and will operate independently as a proALPHA group company in its target markets. CP will continue to add to the functionalities of various ERP systems and to orient itself towards use with different systems. Nothing will change in the management of CP Corporate Planning AG as a result of the transaction either: “We’re pleased that the experienced and successful executive board will accompany and support our further development,” says Eric Verniaut. “In this way, they will add more strength to the management of the entire proALPHA Group.”

About proALPHA Group

For around three decades, proALPHA has been the digital sounding board for small and medium-sized businesses at 41 locations around the globe. The powerful ERP core and add-on solutions from proALPHA and its partners form the digital backbone of the entire value chain for more than 6,000 customers – companies from the manufacturing industry, wholesale and other sectors, ensuring intelligent interconnection and efficient control of all business-critical systems and core processes. In increasingly competitive markets, the optimal integration of up and downstream processes is a crucial factor, and the software solutions of the proALPHA Group and its 127 partners support customers in precisely the areas that are of central relevance to their business. From data analysis and artificial intelligence to procurement, security, quality, production or time management, the more than 1,400 people who work for proALPHA have a very clear motivation and commitment: to develop a digital solution platform that gives SMEs the competitive edge they need to master the constant process of transformation and change.