CP Renews Triple Microsoft Gold Partner Status

Application Development. Data Analytics. Data Platform.

Corporate Planning has once again achieved special recognition as a triple Microsoft Gold Partner for its expertise in the Application Development, Data Analytics and Data Platform competencies.

With Gold Status in three categories, Corporate Planning is held in particularly high regard in its partnership with Microsoft. Less than 1% of over 33,000 Microsoft Certified Partners have triple Gold Status – the most prestigious seal of quality from the world’s largest software company. Corporate Planning develops the CP-Software with the help of the Microsoft development environment, having committed itself strategically to the Microsoft SQL Server as the central database management system for its products.
The Microsoft technology supports Corporate Planning in providing made-to-measure solutions for its customers. In the various CP-Software products – from small business versions to enterprise versions – a wide range of variants are implemented, from Microsoft SQL Express to Microsoft SQL Enterprise.

A strategic partnership has existed between Corporate Planning and Microsoft since 2004. The renewal of its triple Certified Gold Partner certificate means that the Hamburg software company will continue to enjoy access to the latest developments in technology and methods from Microsoft. This distinction is also attributable to the CP software developers continuing their own professional development so that Corporate Planning can keep abreast with the changing technology and use it to the benefit of its customers.

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