Digital Transformation in Corporate Performance Management

Treuenfels and Corporate Planning talk to Interim Managers about opportunities and possibilities

The opportunities that digital transformation, and thus the digitalisation of corporate performance management, offer specifically to interim management were mapped out by the Treuenfels consultancy and Corporate Planning at a jointly hosted event. Their point of departure was the problem that most interim managers are provided with their clients’ business figures only in the form of inconsistently maintained spreadsheets. At this point, if not before, they need a solution with which they can rapidly obtain an overview of the financial position.

In his talk, Interim Manager Jan Abshagen gave an outline of this being precisely how he goes about his day-to-day work with the software from Corporate Planning. Data from pre-systems converge here and are arranged into a structure to enable targeted analyses from which recommended actions can be inferred.

Corporate Planning is from now on offering a special cooperation proposal aimed at the Interim Management sector, which was unveiled here. Our software can serve as a tool to be used on a daily basis for keeping client data up to date – we intend to support and equip interim managers by providing them with the tool for free. The only costs incurred will be maintenance.

The idea was received with a large amount of interest, giving rise to exciting discussions that we are looking forward to carrying on in more depth at forthcoming events and face to face. If you were unable to be there but would like to find out more, please get in touch with our Partner Management team. We’ll be happy to help.