Efficiency in Group Reporting

A new series of events staged by BDO and Corporate Planning

The digitalisation of group reporting processes makes more time available for in-depth analyses. The way in which this improves the quality of reports and reporting processes is shown in the new series of events entitled “Efficiency in Group Reporting – Opportunities of Digitalisation”. In cooperation with specialists from the auditing firm BDO, Corporate Planning will be presenting best practice solutions.

There continues to be an area of conflict between internal and external accounting. Whereas information in corporate performance management must be provided on a flexible basis, the reports to external stakeholders must comply with statutory requirements. However, most of the data in the reports orignate from the same sources and are often prepared by the same teams. At this special event, employees and executives involved in group reporting will be introduced to an integrated software solution that lets internal and external reporting interact in harmony. This series of events puts an emphasis on specialist knowledge and networking breaks for sharing expertise.

For dates, registration and further information, please go to: www.corporate-planning.com/bdo