Greater Agility for Uncertain Times

The right planning increases the quality and speed of decisions

The new BARC study entitled “Sound Decisions in Dynamic Times” is now available free of charge on the Corporate Planning website. The survey documents the deployment of conservative and innovative planning tools and rates their usefulness in the fulfilment of customer requirements and in safeguarding liquidity in a dynamic and complex environment. Businesses receive an overview of competitors and new ideas for a gradual optimisation of their planning processes.

“The higher quality of data, real-time access and labour savings from automated calculations mean that there are few areas in business management that have changed as rapidly as planning,” says Simone Doerfner, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer at CP Corporate Planning AG. “The intelligence and speed of integrated solutions for planning, analysis and reporting transform what were previously very labour-intensive projections into tools that are available at short notice and that outperform annual budgets by far. The same goes for simulations and scenario analyses. With suitable software, changing the relevant parameters is all it takes to project the effects of alternative measures precisely enough to allow decisions to be made very quickly yet still on a sound basis.”

For the BARC study, planning staff in various roles at companies of many different sizes and sectors were interviewed in May and June 2020. The authors make distinctions between the represented planning tools and identify necessary skills, helpful and unhelpful configurations, and prerequisites for the deployment of dynamic planning methods. The overview provides businesses, whatever their level of digitisation, with plenty of suggestions and entry points for increasing their agility and catching up with their competitors.

The following chapters contain the key findings of the study
• Static methods and outdated tools fail in a dynamic environment
• Targeted investments in infrastructure and know-how are the key to modernizing decision support
• Forecasts are replacing classical budgeting as the central instrument for corporate management
• Simulations are the basis for the well-founded analysis and evaluation of alternative actions

For a free download of the BARC study “Sound Decisions in Dynamic Times”, please click HERE.