Intelligent Planning – No Longer Pie in the Sky

Corporate Planning cooperates with COMRAMO KID

CP Corporate Planning AG (CP) has succeeded in gaining a new partner, COMRAMO KID GmbH. COMRAMO is a consulting-oriented IT service provider that develops solutions for SMEs and similarly structured organizations. The company based in Hanover has a wealth of experience in the field of charitable and social welfare organizations, healthcare, public sector institutions and the SME sector.

“COMRAMO KID GmbH is a valuable addition to our ever-growing family of partners because it knows the SME sector very well and has a strong network, especially in the charitable and social welfare sector,” emphasizes Denis Stein, Senior Partner Manager at CP Corporate Planning AG. “COMRAMO is adding the Corporate Planning software to its service portfolio and from now on will be offering its customers the opportunity to plan more intelligently and make quicker, better decisions.”

COMRAMO KID GmbH is a full-service provider that offers combined business-oriented solutions in the fields of HR and IT services, financial and information systems, software development for public sector and charitable institutions, and church registration systems. Its focus is on ASP (application service providing) solutions that support and advise clients in the running of their IT systems and in business-related topics. In addition to these solutions, the company can offer BPO (business process outsourcing) services that enable clients to outsource entire business processes.

With its modern data centre, COMRAMO presents itself as a forward-looking IT service provider that implements innovative software strategies and services in the business segments IT, HR, financial and information systems, subsidies, kindergarten and charitable donation software, as well as church registration systems, using state-of-the-art IT. These include online processing in its own data centre, software development and programming, consulting services, customer care and user training, as well as the implementation of custom projects.

“We’re delighted with the planning, analysis and reporting tool by Corporate Planning, which is an excellent addition to our product range,” says COMRAMO CEO Peter Nohr. “With this tool, we can offer our clients a software and service package that is suitable for all sectors in all of the areas we support.”

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