New version of the software solution for consolidation with a new certificate

Get your consolidated financial statement ready for audit with Corporate Planner Cons

CP Corporate Planning AG will be launching the latest version of its software solution for consolidation, version 5.1, at the end of February. Corporate Planner Cons helps staff at medium-sized enterprises as well as major corporations to keep track of all their companies and guides the user safely through the entire consolidation process. Its renewed certification guarantees that the consolidated financial statements meet audit standards.

“With this certification, we have proved yet again that our software satisfies the highest of standards,” said Arne Kottmann, Product Manager Consolidation, on Corporate Planner Cons having passed the test for the purpose of the Generally Accepted Principles of Computerised Accounting Systems and the relevant commercial and tax regulations. “We have thus prepared the ground for our customers to be able to continue working successfully and with confidence in Corporate Planner Cons.”

The test was based on the Institute of Public Auditors in Germany’s audit standard for software products (IDW PS 880), generally accepted accounting principles using information technology (IDW RS FAIT 1), requirements for proper and secure IT-based consolidation processes (IDW RS FAIT 4) and principles for properly maintaining and storing books, records and documents in electronic form and for data access (GoBD).

The main innovation in Corporate Planner Cons 5.1 is a full audit trail that logs all parameters relevant to the consolidated entity and thus provides added security. Apart from that, the software solution stands out with its numerous inbuilt business logic functions. These enable users with little experience in consolidation to compile a set of documents that meets audit standards – as the certification process has once again demonstrated.