New Corporate Planner Version 6.0.100

Corporate Planning enhances the Web Client and makes working in all areas of corporate performance management even easier

The Corporate Planner Suite version 6.0.100 is now available for download in the Corporate Planning Customer Portal.

The highlights of this version include the integration of the sales management solution and increased flexibility in the handling of tables in the Web Client, as well as enhancements in CP-Connectivity BI and in cross-departmental planning and analysis. Corporate Planner Finance now offers greater convenience when making quick selections in the Web Client and when editing charts of accounts. In Corporate Planner Cons, it is now easier, for instance, to reassign companies and subgroups during the year.

Web Client now incorporates Sales Management

Version 6.0.100 develops the Web Client into the central point of access for operational management, financial management and sales management. All the Corporate Planner Sales functions are now available in the Web Client. This gives sales managers very quick and easy access to planning, reporting and analysis.
New planning variant and enhanced table functions

From version 6.0.100, users in the Web Client can specify the time frame in which a table report opens. On saving a table, they can define the time span to be displayed the next time it is opened. Thus, instead of opening at the current financial year, the table can be set to open with a historical or future view. Planning time spans can be displayed, such as the next financial year, or aggregated time spans such as the past quarter.

The introduction of the “read and comment” right and time-limited shares makes it easier to exchange information regarding actual and plan values. Managers can obtain comments from colleagues without allowing the values to be altered.

A new display option enables the transposing of tables to display rows as columns and columns as rows. The transposed table remains dynamic and keeps its current settings, such as whether zero rows and zero columns are shown. When exporting to Excel, the new version retains the layout used in Corporate Planner, thereby saving users the trouble of reformatting the data in Excel.

Enhancement of Connectivity BI

Connectivity BI in version 6.0.100 makes retrieving data from Corporate Planner for use in dashboards or for processing in other systems much easier and quicker. Any number of export configurations can be saved side by side and executed immediately whenever necessary.

More convenience for Corporate Planner Finance

In the Web Client, the new version provides more support for users with redesigned quick selection controls for choosing the organisation and account. New columns in the account assignment view make assigning accounts easier and are helpful for checking the plausibility of the assignments.

New possibilities for Corporate Planner Cons users

For companies that are reassigned during the year, the profit is divided between the subgroup selling the company and the subgroup acquiring the company on an accrual basis. In addition, after reassigning a company in Corporate Planner Cons from version 6.0.100, users can edit the participating interests.

Improvements to the consolidated entity diagram, flexibility regarding whether to display or hide partner information in reports, and partner information now being updated automatically in the elimination of intercompany liabilities and the elimination of intercompany expenses and income make the solution even easier to use.

Now available in the Customer Portal
To download the Corporate Planner Suite version 6.0.100 from the Customer Portal, click here.
A full and detailed description of the new features is provided in the New Features document (as at July 2020), which is also available in the Customer Portal.