New Version in February 2019

New version to be released early

Corporate Planning is getting off to a flying start to the new year and will be releasing the next software version as soon as the end of February 2019. The following new features will be included in this version:


Corporate Planner Finance

Favourites in the selection of companies and structural units
From the coming version, you can pick favourites in drop-down lists. After opening a Corporate Planner Finance data source, the first company favourite in the list will always be displayed when you go to the table view.

Adjust the names of companies and structural units
During an import, you can adjust the names of companies and structural units.

Copy charts of accounts
Copy an existing chart of accounts and save it with a different name. The account assignment, chart of account mapping, logic block templates and key ratio assignments will be copied as well.

Copy classifications
Copy a classification and save it with a different name. Depending on whether you are editing the chart of accounts or the classification structure, you can add the copy either to the current chart of accounts only or to all charts of accounts. You can choose whether to copy the account assignment, the chart of accounts mapping or both.

Move companies / structural units
When editing the structure, you can now move subgroups, companies, groups of structural units and individual structural units simply by dragging them to the desired position.

Special reserves for investment grants
The Investments logic block can now also handle special reserve items.

Intercompany reconciliation: hide zero lines and Excel export
In the two intercompany views – Expenses and Income, and Liabilities and Assets – you can hide zero lines and export the table to Excel with one mouse click.


Corporate Planner Cons

Connection to central currency management
From the new version, the central currency management feature will also be available for use in Corporate Planner Cons.

In addition, the financial statement views and the elimination of intercompany liabilities and intercompany expenses and income will be enhanced further in the new version.


Corporate Planner Sales

New option for non-aggregating measures

With measures that are not aggregated, the new version will give you an option to display key ratios or the average value at the sum positions for those measures. With this new feature you might, for instance, have the average prices displayed at the sum positions too.

New planning feature: seasonal distribution
Create seasonal fluctuations manually or transfer them from existing data and save them in Corporate Planner Sales. You can then use these distribution curves in your planning.


Corporate Planner OC / Corporate Planner Finance

From the next version, you can use the ratio reference display in relation to an item of your choice in the timeline views too. The previous-year shift in the stream view has been converted into a user-defined year shift.


Corporate Planner Web Client

Improved touch control in tree navigation: scrolling through tree structures with many items by swiping on a tablet will be even easier in the new version.

In Corporate Planner OC, the sum column in the segment report can be displayed or hidden.

In Corporate Planner Sales, you can rearrange the measures by dragging them to the desired position.