Reporting Excellence powered by Hi-Chart and Flexxus

A Reporting Solution to Standardize Clarity in Business Communications in North America

Hi-Chart, a subsidiary of CP Corporate Planning AG,  welcomes Canadian business partner Flexxus Business Solutions to bring reporting excellence to North America. This partnership allows Canadian companies to improve and enhance their reporting capabilities in connection with a wide range of business tools, from Excel to Power BI to SAP/IBM, using data from over 150+ sources.

Successful Reporting with Hi-Chart and Flexxus

With hi-chart, the effort in creating sophisticated management reports, presentations and interactive dashboards is reduced to a few clicks. From within Excel or any modern web browser, users can apply a range of pre-built FP&A and other business reporting templates, driven by the data sources of their choice. This may include data from a range of third-party systems, such as Flexxus’ ERP solutions. By using hi-chart, companies can easily provide consistency in their reporting, giving report consumers greater business insights for decision-making.

Paul Sweeney, Founder and CEO of Flexxus, says: “Hi-Chart offers an easy way to introduce a unique level of transparency and consistency and boost overall report comprehension.”

Michael Fritz, Global Alliances & Partnerships for Hi-Chart, adds: “I’m excited by this new partnership with Flexxus to jointly bring our reporting solution to the Canadian market. By combining the strength and experience of Flexxus and Hi-Chart, we are able to provide an internationally sought-after reporting solution, together with the specialized services of a regionally trusted partner.”

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About Flexxus

Flexxus is a Vancouver-based consulting practice that specializes in ERP and other business software, with a focus on helping small and medium businesses get maximum value from their software investments.
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