Taking the worry out of major corporate performance management projects

Smart Planner provides planning, analysis and reporting at a fixed price

Getting started in modern corporate performance management has never been easier. With Smart Planner, businesses can enjoy the benefits of professional corporate performance management software right away, without having to worry about the costs getting out of hand. Not only does the new solution by CP Corporate Planning AG provide everything that executive managers, investors and supervisory bodies need, be it integrated financial planning, transparent data analysis or the accurate presentation of the figures, but it also helps to keep projects on track and is an extremely safe investment.

The all-in-one software with experience

“With the experience from 30 years of developing corporate performance management software, we are now able to offer a solution to those businesses which, despite having a limited budget, do not wish to go without professional corporate performance management,” Matthias Kläsener, CEO of Corporate Planning, emphasises. “Smart Planner is an all-in-one, flat-rate software solution that includes all the relevant functions of a full-scale corporate performance management solution, plus structural configuration, training and individual support. The software is provided in the cloud, is ready to use anytime and anywhere, and no IT skills are necessary. This makes Smart Planner the ideal entry-level solution for planning, analysis and reporting in the digital age.”

One solution, two modules

 Smart Planner is available in two basic modules: operational management (Smart Planner OC) and financial planning (Smart Planner FI). Smart Planner OC is particularly suitable for businesses that would like to depict their own specific structures and use cases in a clear layout. Smart Planner FI is the appropriate module for businesses that would like to keep track of how their current financial situation is developing and to safeguard their liquidity in the long term. Both modules run on a common technological platform and can be extended at any time.

 The corporate performance management solution that grows to fit

 Smart Planner users can add a second module to their basic module whenever they wish. More users, companies and cost centres can be added very easily and without any installation work. The upgrade to Corporate Planner and its various software solutions for business management is a similarly smooth procedure. “The scalability of Smart Planner makes it a flexible corporate performance management solution with built-in growth potential,” Matthias Kläsener explains. “Businesses can thus simply continue their corporate performance management projects – without needing to reconfigure their IT and without risking their investment. When they purchase their next solution, the costs of Smart Planner will be credited towards it.”

About Corporate Planning

CP Corporate Planning AG has been providing user-friendly and flexible corporate performance management solutions to the SME sector for the past thirty years. The software with in-memory technology is soon up and running – either in the cloud or on premises – and requires no IT skills on the part of the users. The software currently enables its users in more than 4000 businesses to produce their business plans, meaningful analyses and their monthly reports very quickly and with very few resources.