Company Profile

Many years of operational experience in diverse industry sectors guarantee that we have a deep understanding of our customers’ desires and problems. Hence, we are quick, efficient and reliable in coming up with solutions with which our customers can perform targeted analyses.
We’ll be at your side from the very beginning, from when you first start looking to introduce software for planning and management, right through to when you are implementing complex structures. In this way, all areas of corporate performance management (including, for instance, financial management, production management, sales management and personnel management) are covered. In addition, we can incorporate your cost centre and cost unit structure in Corporate Planner, thus enabling the cost apportionments to be calculated.
After this stage, we will not leave you to fend for yourself if you need any support in using the software or would like a sparring partner to run over your results. For companies which have implemented the CP-Cons software, or are thinking of doing so, we don’t just have the usual range of consultancy, implementation services and training to offer, but we can also link the Integrated Financial Plan from Corporate Planner to CP-Cons so that plan consolidated financial statements (consolidated balance sheet, consolidated P&L and cash flow statement) can be produced.

Core Competencies:

Consulting, implementation, training and guidance for companies using, or wishing to use, the CP software.
We work across all sectors of industry.

We have specialist knowledge in the following sectors:

  • advertising agencies
  • toolmaking and pressing technology
  • call centres
  • print and media companies
  • wholesale
  • medical / pharmaceutical sector