Autohaus Gerd Hoyer GmbH

What challenges were you facing when you decided in favour of the software?

We were faced with the challenge of supplying the executive management with key performance indicators, along with their target achievement rates, on a daily basis. Undesirable developments were to be identified early in the current month. At the time, it was not possible for us to look at the month ended until the middle of the following month.

What benefits do you hope to gain from using the software?

  • an increase in contribution margins through targeted measures
  • a reduction in direct and indirect fixed costs across all departments
  • an increase in ROS

What processes and structures would you like to depict?

  • a dealer benchmarking study comparing BMW, Mini, Land Rover and Volvo dealerships (implemented)
  • payroll cost statistics and trends by department (planned)
  • statistical KPIs such as units sold, contribution margins, and costs of units sold (planned)

How did the implementation go?

Depicting the entire structure of the dealer benchmarking study for all manufacturers was a major obstacle to start with. The first attempt by the sales force unfortunately went awry. After four days’ training at Corporate Planning and then installing the CP-Connectivity Express interface for our pre-system, SBS Software, building the required structure became much easier. The daily import now runs smoothly, so all the figures are always up to date.