BKK ProVita

About BKK ProVita

  • The Corporate Planning software provides us with a quick overview of our latest accounting figures for the months ended – without long delays for the analyses.
  • We import our data from a database in a convenient process.
  • A major advantage is being able to proceed from the general overview to the individual accounts by just a few mouse clicks.
  • We also keep a record in Corporate Planner of the number of persons insured with us, which is updated from the database as well.
  • For a quick overview and for ad-hoc reports, we use the table report function and export the report directly to Excel at the touch of a button.
  • Our monthly financial report is one of our main items in Corporate Planner. For this, we draw up a forecast in an Excel file. We then transfer this forecast by Excel import to a specially designated data stream. In the Corporate Planner reporting function, we have created and saved a report for the forecast. The Corporate Planner report is thus updated with the latest figures every month. Another advantage of this procedure is that we can display our imported forecast data as well as the available actual figures in the report.