The interaction between Corporate Planner and Qlik brings together the best of two worlds: flexible planning and intuitive data analysis.

Manuel Rühl

Controlling and Business Intelligence

Area of Application
  • Cost centre planning
  • Sales management
Previous system
  • SAP business One

More Transparency and Efficiency in Cost Management

Sales management at the wholesaler Enders
Having immediate access to up-to-date business figures at all times is crucial for the success of the Enders employees. The integrated software solution with Corporate Planner and Qlik Sense provides the experts in butcher supplies with transparency from the standard costing to the detailed analysis.

“Everybody wants to have access and to use the software. That’s a resounding endorsement,” says Manuel Rühl, Head of Controlling and Business Intelligence at the ENDERS GmbH & Co. KG family business, summing up the current situation and delighted that the software solution has gone down so well among the staff.

Before the software was introduced, the IT department generated all reports, delivering them mainly in printed form to the management. The enormous amount of time that went into their preparation led to an involuntary lethargy. Within the wide range of products, the sales representatives could barely keep track of every article. The sales team could only spot changes in the customers’ purchasing behaviour after a considerable delay. What’s more, the customers often require their goods for their production or catering plans at extremely short notice. If a sales representative is unable to respond quickly enough, the sale will be lost and, at worst, the customer will place his orders with a competitor in future. Having up-to-date figures available on a daily basis was therefore the most important specification for the corporate performance management software.

Another important consideration for the executive management and the sales staff was making target-actual comparisons based on a detailed annual plan, which can also be depicted for periods during the year, as easy as possible to carry out. To schedule deliveries in line with demand, to identify trends in good time and to set prices in keeping with market conditions, the purchasing department needs to have information about all the branches.

Integration for perfect interaction
The “Age of Excel” was almost entirely skipped at Enders – the IT-driven evaluations were just about all that existed in corporate performance management until the planning tool Corporate Planner was introduced. However, thanks to the new solution, the days of laborious query programming and of irrelevant, endless paper printouts ahead of branch manager conferences and executive management meetings were numbered.

Once Corporate Planner had gone live with its application focus on sales planning and budgeting, it soon became apparent that, with more than 50,000 customers on the books and some 70,000 articles in the catalogue, a powerful analysis tool would be a worthwhile enhancement to the system. When it comes to analysing mass data across many different dimensions, the BI software Qlik Sense is the ideal solution. The CP-Connectivity Qlik Sense integration makes sure that the two solutions work perfectly together. Alongside the actual data, plan data are available for multidimensional analysis.

The combination of the business administration expertise in the CP software and the user-defined analysis dimensions in Qlik Sense has put Manuel Rühl in a position to depict all the structures and dimensions in the software single-handedly. Both the Corporate Planning Suite, whose centrepiece is the Corporate Planner module, and the user interface of the Qlik Sense analysis tool are easy and intuitive to use. “All users can get to grips with it straight away,” Manuel Rühl adds. The analyses are now so well suited to the needs of Enders, with less experienced users also able to design them flexibly, that the demand for individual ad-hoc evaluations has all but disappeared.

Sales management
Sales management at the wholesaler Enders is based in Corporate Planner. Vast amounts of sales and purchasing data, as well as the target and actual values, converge into a clear layout in what are known as tree structures. An integration makes the data from the pre-system SAP available for planning and analysis in Corporate Planner and Qlik Sense, and the software depicts the data according to product group, customer, sales region or company. With the cost centre and cost unit accounting in Corporate Planner, an intercompany allocation is carried out and the return on the sales activities is monitored. Another important area in sales management is the full-year target planning for all sales offices and field service tours, together with the continuous target-actual comparison. The Qlik Sense analysis tool is used mainly for reporting and analyses. The software assistance is particularly appreciated by the sales team, where sales, margins and income are planned and analysed in detail. For the field service, the values are displayed for all customers on each tour, including the products purchased so far. Particularly informative figures are provided by the analysis of the sales and quantities for each product group.

The sales manager in charge can see at a glance for which customer and in which product group there has been a drop in sales, simply by displaying the sales figures for the sales representative concerned in comparison with other regions, other customers or other product groups. These findings can be used by Enders for its promotional activities such as advertising.

A reliable team
Common data management for both systems means that all employees can rely on the same up-to-date figures at all times. “Now there’s just one single point of truth,” Manuel Rühl says. The purchasing department and the stock control staff access this information too and plan their tasks accordingly. The software has thus gone down extremely well among the users and has a strong take-up rate throughout the company.