VEM motors GmbH

We use the software for planning and monitoring our cost centres. Its transparency is what won us over, particularly when it comes to locating discrepancies quickly.

Christian Schurig

Area of Application
  • Planning
  • Cost centre planning
  • Plan-actual comparisons
  • Operational management
  • Integrated financial planning
Previous system
  • SAP business One

What specific challenges do you encounter in your industry, and what support does the software provide?

The main challenge in our industry is in manufacturing the core product efficiently. The software provides us with valuable support by displaying the potential cost drivers.

What has been the greatest benefit from using the software?

The greatest benefits have been the time saved in planning and greater transparency throughout the company.

What processes and structures can you now depict, and how?

We can now depict plan-actual comparisons very quickly for each cost centre and cost centre group.

How do you find the handling of the software?

I find the software very user-friendly – once the underlying structure has been built.