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Budgets for fine fabrics - Planning and budgeting at a textile merchant

It takes a lot of time for the patterns and materials to be selected for a collection at Zimmer + Rohde. In corporate performance management, that time is not available. With the objective of saving time and delivering results rapidly, Corporate Planner replaced the existing solution at Zimmer + Rohde.

At Zimmer + Rohde GmbH in Oberursel, near Frankfurt am Main, Germany, corporate performance management is where all the loose ends are tied up. The company produces high-quality fabrics in many different product lines, for which the turnover needs to be planned and budgeted. To assist and speed up the processes, the executive management decided to use Corporate Planner. Tin-Sung Man, Management Accountant at Zimmer + Rohde, supervised the roll-out of the corporate performance management solution.

“The implementation was tricky to start with, as we first had to construct the data model and set up the data connection,” he recalls how the project began. With Ulrich Friggemann, Managing Director of CCS Controlling Consulting & Services in nearby Michelstadt, at his side as a consultant, the management accountant built the data structures and created import definitions for the required applications, alongside his day-to-day work.

Getting down to detail
Tin-Sung Man sees the main focus of the application in reporting and in sales planning. The required actual values are imported every day from the pre-system, Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision). The sales figures for each sales representative are displayed from different angles: classified by brand, region or order group. Reports which are needed on a regular basis have been given a consistent definition by Tin-Sung Man and designed as report templates. “Thanks to the CP-Software, a lot of time has been saved in producing the reports,” he says of one of the software‘s advantages. However, he also discovered that deploying the software places demands on the existing data in the company and in pre-systems. The amount of administrative work involved in preparing the data to create comprehensive and meaningful analyses and plans was, for him, unexpectedly large. The result is rewarding: the reports and analyses which he is now able to deliver to the management and to his colleagues are a great deal more extensive and accurate than before.

To enable the sales staff to get their own detailed reports and to check the current status for themselves, the team can use the QlikView analysis tool in addition to Corporate Planner. Thus, they not only receive the plan-actual variances and Pareto analyses of their product sales which are regularly created in Corporate Planner, but they can also analyse their figures multidimensionally in terms of the individual products, for instance, per customer or region. An integrated interface between the two systems ensures that the desired values from Corporate Planner can be analysed directly in QlikView.

From one year to the next
Ad-hoc reports and regular standard reports help towards ensuring that the general management, the sales management, the sales representatives and the corporate performance management staff always have consistent information at their disposal. They are all kept up-to-date on the latest developments. At the end of the financial year, transparency prevails regarding the results and deviations from plan. On the basis of these values, the management draws up a budget for the following year in consultation with the sales staff. “In this way, the budgeting process is completed before the new financial year starts,” Tin-Sung Man sums up.

When asked whether the decision for Corporate Planner has been the right one, he takes a deep breath and briefly thinks of the frequent, time-consuming updates. What counts for him in the end, however, are the benefits and particularly the significant time savings in budgeting and reporting which the introduction of the software has brought. This was the target set which he, and the company with him, has achieved. And that‘s not all. With the new solution, corporate performance management is able to react much more flexibly and rapidly to changes in the company. Existing structures, reports and analyses are adjusted to reflect new situations in an instant. And more new plans can be woven, with new fabrics, sales regions or suppliers.

About Zimmer + Rohde
With 50 locations around the world, including 17 wholly-owned sales organisations in Paris, London, Milan, New York, Dubai and Hong Kong, Zimmer + Rohde has developed into a group which is globally active. The product portfolio, with the Zimmer + Rohde, Ardecora, Etamine, Hodsoll McKenzie, Warner Fabrics and Travers brands, carries an extraordinary diversity of style as well. Today, the company employs some 240 staff. From what was a two-man enterprise in 1899, an international business has emerged which has retained the charm and reliability of a family-run company.