Software for Consolidation

Look forward to your next annual financial statement with confidence.

Corporate Planner Consolidation


In Corporate Planner Cons you can produce auditable consolidated financial statements and keep track of your subsidiaries.

Consolidation step by step

Corporate Planner Cons is the solution for management and legal consolidation in companies that are structured in groups. It depicts all the main accounting standards. If you wish, you can display your balance sheet in IAS/IFRS and local GAAP layout side by side.

With Corporate Planner Cons you keep track of your consolidated entity with all the companies that you include in your consolidated financial statement.

Corporate Planner Cons workflow

Corporate Planner Cons guides you step by step through the entire consolidation process. A workflow takes you from defining your group structure to generating predefined reports for the finished statement.

Corporate Planner Cons balances

Our solution for consolidation places wizards at your disposal for currency translation, for eliminating intercompany investments, intercompany liabilities, intercompany expenses and income and intercompany profits and losses, and for deferred taxes. Derivation reports and transaction lists provide a summary of all consolidation postings.

Corporate Planning zu Gast bei der UGOS in Bad Driburg

"CP zu Gast bei ..." ist ein Networking-Event, bei dem sich Anwender der CP-Software intensiv austauschen können. CP-Kunden besuchen CP-Kunden vor Ort in deren Geschäftsräumen, im Hauptsitz oder den Produktionsanlagen.


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