Software for Liquidity Management

Take a balanced approach to short-term liquidity management.

Corporate Planner Liquidity Management

Liquidity Management

Corporate Planner Cash is the solution for controlling cash flows and optimising interest.

Get the most out of your financial resources

With the support of Corporate Planner Cash you can clear financial bottlenecks. The solution provides you with a daily survey of all cash flows into and out of your accounts. If a liquidity shortfall lies ahead, you will receive recommendations for transferring money. Similarly, Corporate Planner Cash brings liquidity surpluses to light and advises you on the accounts where you can invest these at the best interest rate. Our solution assists you with your liquidity planning.

Corporate Planner Cash liquidity bank account

In cash pooling, Corporate Planner Cash provides recommendations on optimising cash discounts, interest and payments. The software tells you exactly which amounts you can transfer to which bank accounts for maximum return. You can then process and export these bank transfers.

Corporate Planner Cash liquidity companies

You can see charts analysing specific bank accounts over a given time span. In the chart, all imported open items are included.

Corporate Planner Cash shows you how a particular company's liquidity develops day by day.

Corporate Planning zu Gast bei der UGOS in Bad Driburg

"CP zu Gast bei ..." ist ein Networking-Event, bei dem sich Anwender der CP-Software intensiv austauschen können. CP-Kunden besuchen CP-Kunden vor Ort in deren Geschäftsräumen, im Hauptsitz oder den Produktionsanlagen.


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